Strategic Thinking

Earlier this year I attended the annual conference of the SC Association of Nonprofit Organizations, which represents charities statewide.  Session topics carried a theme of succeeding in an era of change – and wow, we could all use a little help with that, right? One of the most engaging sessions I attended was led by Allison Black Cornelius [ ] and it dealt with how to become a strategic thinking leader.

Allison gave us some tips for developing the strategic thinking ability as a leader or manager; they are:

  1. Think of strategic thinking like driving a car, always be alert to what’s going on around you and be ready to act;
  2. Commit to a practice of adult learning activities: stay on top of news, current events, literature, trade journals, social networks and other sources of information on emerging trends.
  3. Improve your ability to develop and present data, information and knowledge – this is imperative for increasing your influence;
  4. Develop a strong social and strategic network.  Attend conferences and/or professional association meetings (I am personally a big believer in the value of this both personally and professionally); and
  5. Learn how to coach in order to build a strong leadership or management team.

By becoming a strategic thinker you are more attractive to the brightest and most committed people, you’re better able to deal with all kinds of scenarios and contingencies, and the quality of your interactions with co-workers and clients is greatly enhanced.

One place you can find quality local learning and networking environments is in SCACPA’s conferences (and there are several coming up).

Blogger: Erin P. Hardwick, CAE, Executive Director, South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants


About scacpa

The South Carolina Association of CPAs is a professional organization that provides support to all CPAs – whether in public practice, industry, government or education - with lifelong learning opportunities necessary for their success, the promotion of high ethical standards and legislative advocacy for both the public good and for the profession.
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