Congratulations to SCACPA’s New CPAs

As this blog is being posted, SCACPA is in the midst of the 2010 CPA Day at the State House.  One of the most exciting parts of this day is to see South Carolina’s newest CPAs being sworn in by fellow SCACPA member, the Treasurer of South Carolina, Converse A. Chellis III, CPA.  During the New CPA Oath Ceremony, new CPAs will be called forward and asked to repeat the Oath as follows: 

  • I accept my certificate as a Certified Public Accountant,
  • With full realization of the responsibilities and obligations I thereby assume.
  • I hereby solemnly swear to support the Constitution of the United States;
  • And to support the Constitution of the State of South Carolina,
  • As long as I remain a citizen thereof or practice therein.
  • I further swear that I shall, to the best of my ability,
  • Perform my duties in the practice of my profession;
  • That I shall abide by the rules of professional conduct as promulgated by the constituted authority;
  • And that I shall always endeavor to uphold the honor and dignity of the accounting profession.

I would challenge all SCACPA members to commit to mentor these new CPAs.  Additionally let’s present, by example, the ethnically pure leadership these new CPAs deserve.   May each of us read the above with a willingness to recommit ourselves to these same high standards.  It is with pride that I take part in this ceremony, and it is my sincere hope that each member of SCACPA will take a moment to digest the depth of sincerity with which we address the challenges before us.








Blogger: Charles ‘Eddie’ Brown, CPA


About scacpa

The South Carolina Association of CPAs is a professional organization that provides support to all CPAs – whether in public practice, industry, government or education - with lifelong learning opportunities necessary for their success, the promotion of high ethical standards and legislative advocacy for both the public good and for the profession.
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1 Response to Congratulations to SCACPA’s New CPAs

  1. Penny Lewis says:

    I am always touched by the new Oath ceremony. For those of you who missed it and missed the CPA Day with the legislators…what an amazing turnout. By far, that was the biggest turnout and the most fun of all CPA Days At The State House. It was a relaxed setting to be able to meet the legislatures as well as our new CPAs. Eddie, Erin and the staff did an amazing job getting this event together!

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