Happy 100th Birthday to the Boy Scouts of America

February 8, 2010 (today) marks the 100th birthday of the Boys Scouts of America.  On behalf of SCACPA, I want to wish all Scouts from all generations a very happy birthday and many, many more.  In my view, Scouting is a fine institution that has positively molded the lives of many young Americans.  We probably all know the Boys Scout Motto “Be Prepared.”  And how many CPAs (old Scouts) can still recite the Boy Scout Oath and the Twelve Points of the Scout Law?  Now let’s use the honor system; to find the answers, click here

In 1960 I was a Cub Scout and walked over into the ranks of Boys Scouts.  At the opening of each scout meeting we would all stand at some semblance of attention, raise our right arm with a 90 degree bend, showing the scout sign and repeat this oath and 12 points of the Scout Law, as well as pledge allegiance to the American flag. 

Reflecting on my scouting experience, I was better for it.  The sense of discipline prepared me for my military days.  The sense of belonging to a group reinforced my family bonds.  The sense of honesty and helping naturally helps prepare one to maintain the ethics as required by the CPA profession.

Somewhere in the depths of all the “papers and stuff” stashed in closets or in the attic, I have a 50th Anniversary BSA Membership card.  And somewhere near that card is a 75th Anniversary Membership card as I served on a Council during my son’s scouting days.   Do you think a troop in my area may allow me the privilege of serving in some limited capacity so that I can get my 100th Anniversary Membership card to complete the collection?

PS:  After drafting this blog, I found my old Boy Scout Handbook that had a copyright date of 1959.  Oh my what thoughts of yesteryear came to mind, such as my phone number (KI57172), and how to tie “The Right Knot for the Right Use.”  First aid, flag etiquette and the importance of the scout spirit were fond reflections.  When I first started my career as a CPA in Columbia, I was serving as the Scout Master of BSA Troop 34 that met at the Rehoboth United Methodist Church in Dentsville. 

I found a copy of the program of the award ceremony for my first Eagle Scout, Patrick Kistler.  Oh what fond memories. To view the award ceremony program, click here.

To view the Boy Scout handbook cover, click here.

I wonder if any other members of SCACPA have any fond memories of their scouting days.  If so, please share some of the “positive” ones.

Blogger: Charles ‘Eddie’ Brown, CPA


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The South Carolina Association of CPAs is a professional organization that provides support to all CPAs – whether in public practice, industry, government or education - with lifelong learning opportunities necessary for their success, the promotion of high ethical standards and legislative advocacy for both the public good and for the profession.
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3 Responses to Happy 100th Birthday to the Boy Scouts of America

  1. Bob Baldwin says:


    thanks for this post. I would guess a large part of the male membership of SCACPA has at some point been part of the Scouting movement.

    Scouting and our professional share one key trait and that is Trust!

  2. James McIlrath says:

    It is amazing to me how many lives the Scouting movement has touched over the past 100 years. While many view some of what Scouting has to offer as “old fashioned” or “outdated” I cannot express how thankful I am for the opportunities Scouting offered to me. More importantly, I see the opportunities Scouting is offering to my son CJ, who received his Eagle Scout this past fall, and my son Ian who is a Life Scout working on finishing the Eagle Trail. Scouting is a principal based program focused on developing future leaders for America. We are very lucky that although change is happening all around us, some things stay the same! Long live the Boy Scouts!

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