2010 Kickoff – Annual Leadership Summit

What a fruitful time your SCACPA leaders had as we kicked off the 2010 agenda in at SCACPA’s headquarters in Columbia.  Committee chairs and chapter officers joined the SCACPA board of directors last week for a daylong leadership training and planning session. Upon reflection I see that not only have many members been working diligently, but the vision for our future is in great hands.  The following is a list of just a few of the observations on my part:

Exceptional Attendance: I thank each volunteer leader for taking time away from their job at the beginning of this busy season.  Each chapter and most committees had at least one representative in attendance.  No one was left out, as each of those in attendance had an opportunity to speak, share our vision and add words of wisdom for others who proved to be very open to moving South Carolina to levels envious of all CPA societies across this nation.

Broad Participation: The Association leadership is constantly asking how to get more participation.  And each area of our state is willing to be our gracious host.  While one does not want to claim Columbia as the only place to meet, it does give us the most convenient geographic location in our state.  While we had representation from CPAs along the coast, we also had CPAs from the foothills and all points between.  Again, let me express my appreciation for all of those that drove into Columbia from the outer most parts.  Our attendance was fantastic!  And the comments back to me were positive.  It is easy for us to work on “our committee” or on “our chapters” and not come to a full understanding of SCACPA as a whole.  And we can equally sit in Columbia as SCACPA and fail to feel the full impact on a need within another area in our state.  This leadership summit was one where sharing our work around the state broadened our appreciation for every effort that is being made to support this wonderful profession in our beloved state.  Not once did I sense anything less than a full set of team members who were focused, caring and willing to address our issues as a full team with no area of concern deemed less than critically important.

CPE Innovation: Rebecca Lee, chair of our CPE Committee,  held back no punches.  CPE is one of the major functions of SCACPA.  At our annual board planning retreat we found that the first bold step of our strategic plan is once again CPE.  In this ever-changing world of business, one understands that continuing education is the key to our success.  And with the Internet constantly changing and challenging our means of communication we want to continue to be on the leading edge and avoid the bleeding edge of CPE delivery.  Efficiency and affordability go hand in hand with every decision that is made.  Rebecca placed the reality of this issue before us once again, challenging SCACPA to continue on the course of strengthening our membership as the 21st century unfolds before us.  Thank you Rebecca for the sobering insights and continued challenges that stand before us.

Bold Step Number 6 – Sustainability: Rod Dooley, chair of our new Sustainability Task Force, capped off an additional bold step that has come about – SCACPA’s Sustainability Initiative. This task force has accepted the challenge to lead South Carolina CPAs to be successful with  A Thousand Points of Green, to lead CPAs and CPA firms to initiate programs of responsibility as they relate to long-term sustainability combining attention to environment, social responsibility and profitability – a win-win-win, market driven direction.  We plan to ask for a “place at the table” with those who are shaping this world.  Since many of the rules have yet to be written, we CPAs, and those of us from South Carolina especially, want to have input as to consistence measurement and fair reporting standards relative to this issue.  Our profession is in the “measuring” business.  And we as CPAs in South Carolina want to walk the talk and lead this nation, as well as our world, relative to this matter.  This new task force has its work cut out for them, but understands that the work we do in this area today will have a deep and lasting impact upon the future of not only the CPA profession, but the quality of life for all in this world.

Thanks: Thanks again to all volunteer leaders who have stepped up and accepted the challenge to lead change.  Allow me to add a special shout-out of appreciation to our staff of “super stars” who made this leadership summit a smooth process. 

2010 – Look out, because here we come!

Blogger: Charles ‘Eddie’ Brown, CPA


About scacpa

The South Carolina Association of CPAs is a professional organization that provides support to all CPAs – whether in public practice, industry, government or education - with lifelong learning opportunities necessary for their success, the promotion of high ethical standards and legislative advocacy for both the public good and for the profession.
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